About Local 133

Local 133 was established and duly chartered by the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, solely as a recruitment local for Interprovincial Red Seal qualified Boilermakers, Welders, Metal fabricators and Millwrights. This Local has no geographic jurisdiction and no collective agreements. It is national in scope and Members are not restricted to working in Alberta only.

When a member of Local 133 is dispatched by an existing construction local, they work under the terms of the appropriate collective agreement for that Local as a travel card member. These Members have all the rights, privilege & responsibility of every Boilermaker Member (we have established bylaws which are posted within the Members Only section of boilermaker.ca).

This local is intended for a seasoned trades person. Local 133 does not provide training or participate in the Boilermaker Apprenticeship Program. Membership into this Travel Card local requires members to be very qualified & professional. Most of the work opportunities with the Boilermakers are for pressure welders & Tig welders. Training & upgrading may be available at one of the locals with consent of that local.

We are in need of qualified boilermakers/welders in various locations throughout Canada. Local 133 will be recruiting ONLY Interprovincial Red Seal Boilermakers, Welders, Metal Fabricators and Millwrights. If you have any further questions regarding Local 133 please email .